About us

Radwan Allam Chartered Accountants is one of the leading auditing and auditing offices and companies in the United Arab Emirates. Financial and tax consulting is licensed by the Emirati authorities and also registered with the relevant official authorities in the United Arab Emirates. We provide all reports approved by government and official bodies such as the courts and the Public Prosecution. Free zones, banks and arbitration centres. Redwan Allam Chartered Accountants and Tax Consultants was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It offers its clients a wide range of professional services in many fields, such as chartered accounting and tax consulting. By helping other organizations mitigate risks and seize opportunities, we can

Why choose us?

  • Saving time and money, we strive to provide the best services to our customers in a timely manner and at reasonable prices
  • Completion according to plan. Our team is interested in completing the required task within the specified time according to the work plan
  • Professional work team: Nizam Accounting Company’s work team consists of a group of highly qualified experts
  • Detailed assessment of the task. We comprehensively and carefully review the client's needs to provide a true estimate of the size of the task

Our basic principles


6. Ease of decision making


Financial reports show the company's condition. We prepare reports and financial statements in a way that makes it very easy for business owners to make important financial decisions.
5. Compliance with the external review process


Our qualified and experienced chartered accountants and auditors maintain accounting records in a manner that complies with the mandatory external audit requirements in the UAE.
4. Better credit management


Maintenance of books of accounts by a professional accounting firm helps in ensuring compliance with the company's credit policy which also enhances the confidence of stakeholders and shareholders.
3. Auditors and accountants certified by banks


A key feature of our company is that it is listed with major banks in the UAE. We can make your bookkeeping better which will help your company get easy loan approvals.
2. It helps attract potential investors


Having up-to-date financial records and statements ready to help bring new investment to the company. It helps investors understand what they are getting into.
1. Auditing and accounting company listed in the free zones of the United Arab Emirates



Redwan Allam Chartered Accountants Office is one of the accounting and bookkeeping companies in Dubai, UAE and listed in all major free zones across the UAE. This is one of the basic features of our company

We specialize in

خدمات تدقيق الحسابات

يُمكن تعريف تدقيق الحسابات على كونه مجموعة من الإجراءات التي يقوم بها شخص

خدمات المحاسبة و مسك الدفاتر

هل تبحث عن مكتب خدمات محاسبية في الامارات العربية المتحدة ؟

خدمات الوكيل الضريبي

خدمات تسجيل ضريبة القيمة المضافة الامارات العربية المتحدة

الضريبة على الشركات والأعمال

ماهي ضريبة الشركات في الامارات؟ هي ضريبة اتحادية ستُفرض على دخل الشركات الخاضع

خدمات المصفي القانوني لتصفية الشركات

خدمات تصفية الشركة نحن أحد المصفين الرائدين في دبي ولدينا خبرة واسعة في هذا

خدمات التقارير الاستشارية بكافة أنواعها

يُعد مكتب رضوان علام محاسبون قانونيون ، أحد شركات تدقيق ومراجعة الحسابات

استشارات مكافحة غسل الأموال

نحن نقدم مكافحة غسيل الأموال من البداية إلى النهاية (AML)

التصفية والإفلاس

يمكن للمصفين في دبي مساعدة الشركات على التصفية عندما

فحص الاحتيال

سمعتنا في تقديم خدمة عالية الجودة و يضمن فاحصو الاحتيال ذوو الخبرة خبرتنا

We are distinguished by

0Ease of decision making
٩٠٠Attract potential investors
١٢٤+Ensure compliance

We are distinguished by the trust of our customers

About the company

  • Our vision
Always be the best accounting option available and Tax consulting by helping companies build a legacy In accounting and by giving clients the highest level of Satisfaction.
  • Our mission
Ensures that our clients adhere to high standards of business practices. Helping businesses reach their full potential and leave a lasting legacy in their industry. Ensure that ethical values ​​and social responsibility are incorporated into routine business decisions. Provide reliable, timely, cost-effective, competent service to meet the needs of individual customers.

Get to know our experts

Muhammad Al-Fouly
Audit Manager
Khaled Saeed
Financial auditor
Ahmed Mammdouh
Financial auditor
Sami beauty
Mohamed Kamel
Bassem Yassin
Team leader
Ashraf Bakri
Yahya Samir
Financial auditor
Radhi Hegazy
Financial auditor
Rajarman Viswanathan
Financial auditor
Muhammad Hassan
Ahmed Jamal
Financial Accounting

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We have been serving our customers for 20 years with confidence and we are happy

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