Auditing services

An audit can be defined as a set of procedures carried out by a person or group of people with the aim of giving an impartial professional opinion regarding the issue at hand. The auditor must have knowledge of matters related to auditing, as he must be familiar with all that is required by the auditing rules, whether the general rules of auditing or the auditing rules related to field work. The auditor must take these rules into account before giving his opinion, and it is also a comprehensive examination process of records and accounts. The procedures are completed by a qualified person who is specially trained to carry out these tasks. The process of auditing and reviewing accounts aims to determine whether The amounts received and expenses spent were recorded in the books correctly, and whether the assets were properly evaluated and other related matters. An audit provides a clear and systematic analysis of your company’s financial and accounting data. It detects fraud errors and ensures the validity of data. This provides company management with confidence that its reports are free of errors or manipulation, allowing them to make timely choices. Our expert auditors conduct comprehensive and impartial audits to ensure the company’s compliance with auditing standards in force in the United Arab Emirates.

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